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Areas of Expertise

  • Design and Construction of Concrete Floating Structures
  • Construction Project Management, Estimating and Supervision
  • Marine Construction Consulting
  • Field Operations
  • Administration


Career Experience

From 1968 to present I have been involved in a variety of construction projects:

2007 to present:

I operate Proman Construction Ltd., providing construction services to marine based construction projects. I provide services to maintain steel barges including supervising the sand blasting and epoxy painting, and renovations to buildings constructed on these barges.  We have added second floor accommodations to several buildings and increased the warehouse capacity.

I have provided construction consulting to China and have spent 4 months in 2008, 5 months in 2009 and three months in 2010. My time in China was used to help Fish Farming Industries install closed containment fish rearing systems in some of the reservoirs in Northern China. I worked with numerous Chinese engineers and administrators to design and construct concrete floats to provide fin fish rearing in fresh water reservoirs. I also hired and supervised the local Chinese labour force to accomplish this work. I still provide some consulting services to China via E-mail.

2003 to 2007:

Project Manager and Owner
I owned and operated Vicwest Marine Construction Inc. Vicwest was involved in a variety of Marine Construction projects. I sold Vicwest Marine Construction in Jan. 2007

Major Projects:

  • Purchased a steel barge used by Seaspan Inc. to haul wood chips to the pulp mills on Vancouver Island. We altered this barge to become a sinking platform or dry dock for Vicwest Marine Construction Ltd. and stationed it in Cowichan Bay, B.C. to allow the construction of concrete floats capable of storing 500 to 800 tons on the main deck warehouse, complete with living accommodations on the second floor, some with 7 bedrooms.
  • Designed and constructed a vessel haul out facility at Maple Bay Marina. This will allow the hauling out of vessels up to 50 tons from the water.
  • Designed and constructed two concrete floating structures 46' by 120', concrete float 9' 6" deep. These units were for fish farm use. Feed storage capacity of 500 tons, complete with sewer tanks, fresh water storage, dual diesel generators, and second floor accommodations.
  • Designed and constructed ten concrete floating yacht enclosures 95' by 38', to accommodate motor yachts 85' in length, complete with mezzanine storage areas. Inside enclosure has a 32' ceiling height to accommodate these yachts. These units were constructed for the individual yacht owners at Maple Bay.
  • Designed, constructed and installed 400 lineal feet of concrete docks at Maple Bay Marina to replace old wood and styrofoam units. Supplied and installed complete with concrete piles, plumbing and electrical distribution.
  • Designed and constructed three concrete floats, each to accommodate eight 360 cfm air compressors, double walled enviro fuel tanks 2000 gallons capacity for use at fish farms. Concrete floats 36' by 30' free board loaded 28", complete with 4" concrete bottoms. These units are used to provide compressed air for air curtains and air lift systems.
  • Designed and constructed three concrete floats for single family accommodation homes and constructed three storey buildings designed by Victoria architect Dan Boot. These homes are in West Bay Marina, Victoria B.C.
  • Designed, constructed and installed concrete marina docks for West Bay Marina.

1994 to 2003

Project Manager Seatech Construction Ltd.
Was a 50% owner of Seatech Construction Ltd. where I designed and constructed concrete  floating barges, designed, built and maintained sinking platforms to provide floating work areas for construction of concrete floats.

  • Designed and constructed many fish farm feed storage and accommodations units, from 500 ton capacity with ten bedroom accommodations on second floor, to single storey 4 bedroom accommodations units.
  • Designed and constructed the sea site at Middle Bay in Campbell River, B.C. to accommodate two sinking platforms. This required constructing a jetty 600' from shore to a workable water depth to accommodate the sinking platforms. The jetty and sinking platforms are still in use.
  • Designed and constructed concrete floats for use as fuel storage sewer handling, fish farm accommodations units, auto feeding systems, and single family floating homes.
  • Have designed concrete floating structures for Canada, USA, and China. All are still in use.

1986 to 1994

Project Manager and sole owner, Allport Construction Ltd.

Major Projects:

Topper Floating Structures
Sub contracted to Topper Floating Structures. Constructed concrete floats and buildings, single storey, two storey and three storey buildings on concrete floats. These were the first concrete floats used by local fish farms and many of the buildings are still in use. I have renovated and altered many of these units over the last few years.

Port Sidney Marina
Designed and constructed Port Sidney Marina, Sidney B.C. A 300 slip marina complete with main walkways, semi main walkways, and boat slips to accommodate vessels from 40' to 120'. The concrete floating docks in excess of 7000 lineal feet included electrical to service the motor vessels, street lighting to the main walkway, sewer pump outs, water supply, telephone and television connections. All concrete floats were constructed on land and craned into the water near Port Sidney Marina. Project was completed in a 7 month time frame.

Boot Lagoon Fish Hatchery
Constructed a new Atlantic Salmon fish hatchery and quarantine facility, and upgraded the existing hatchery at Great Central Lake, B.C. I was also involved in the design of this facility.

Concrete Floats
I purchased a steel barge in Tasis, B.C. and converted the barge into a sinking work platform where I constructed concrete floating barges and buildings.

We constructed Nutka Landing Fishing Lodge on concrete floating barges. This included two buildings, both two stories, one 12 bedroom complete with bathrooms in each bedroom and one with a 40 seat restaurant, second floor liquor lounge and souvenir shop.

Constructed fish farm feed storage and accommodations buildings for Nootka Sound, Kyuquot Sound, and Quatsino Sound.

1983 to 1986

Construction Project Manager, Baas Systems Inc. Vancouver, B.C.

Major Projects:

  • Toronto Dominion Bank 41st and Boulevard, Vancouver, B.C. Interior and exterior renovation.
  • Eaton's Store, Eaton’s Centre, Edmonton Alberta, Interior new store.
  • Designed and constructed three Panda Shoe Stores in Greater Vancouver, B.C.
  • Designed and constructed two men’s clothing stores named Gentlemen’s Clothiers

1976 to 1983

Project manager and owner Canada West Interiors Ltd.

  • Set up a millwork shop to provide architectural millwork and interior construction.
  • Canada West Interiors Ltd. grew to 150 full time trades and clerical workers.

Major Projects:

  • Interior construction of Kinney Canada Stores in western Canada, including Kinney
    Shoe, Sportell, Lady Footlocker, Footlocker and Randy River. I was responsible for the construction and co-ordination in working shopping malls and much of this work was required after normal working hours. West Edmonton Mall was the most difficult.
  • Petroleum Plaza, Twin Towers, Edmonton Alberta, Alberta Government tenant improvement 16 stories.
  • IBM Building, Edmonton Alberta, interior tenant improvements 12 stories.
  • 107 Street Plaza, Edmonton, Alberta, tenant improvements 10 stories.
  • Kensington Building, Edmonton, Alberta, tenant improvements 14 stories.
  • Bremelea Building, Edmonton, Alberta, tenant improvements 6 stories.
  • Designed and constructed three Dagwoods’ Restaurants, complete with 120 seat restaurants, 60 seat liquor lounges. Construction included kitchen equipment and furnishings for restaurant and liquor lounge.
  • Supplied interior design and construction for many offices in both Edmonton and Calgary Alberta, including doctors offices, dentist’s offices, law offices and accounting offices.

1973 to 1976

I was employed by the F. Drexel Company. Begining in Victoria, B.C. area, where I started as a journeyman carpenter and became a site forman. I was transferred to Edmonton, Alberta as Superintendent for the Alberta Division. The F. Drexel Company was involved in interior work, suspended ceilings, steel studs, demountable partitions and the supply and installation of architectural millwork. Customers included the Alberta Government, hospitals, and major property developers. Drexel Company employed 250 trades personnel and the Alberta Division provided work in Alberta and the North West Territories.

1961 to 1972

I was employed by Benton and Overbury Ltd., a Victoria B.C. construction company specializing in commercial interior tenant improvements. I completed my apprenticeship with this company and became a journeyman Carpenter. I was promoted to Job Site Forman and looked after individual projects in the Vancouver Island area.

1961 to 1966

I was a member of the Canadian Army. I joined in eastern Canada and served in the Royal Canadian Electrical Mechanical Engineers and the Canadian Provost Corps.


Major Skills:

  • Completely familiar with operation of both union and non union construction companies.
  • Good knowledge of litigation and the Builders Lien Act.
  • Consistently ensure high standards and quality workmanship to remain competitive in the market place.
  • Have dealt extensively with all sub trades, maintained a diplomatic and tactful approach under difficult situations.
  • I believe my diversified background and ability to direct and supervise all phases of construction projects has enhanced my overall reputation for meeting deadlines and remaining within budgets.


Professional Training:

Completed high school, Rothsay, New Brunswick, Regional High School, 1961.
Completed mechanical courses in the Canadian Army and became a journeyman Armoured Tank Mechanic.

Completed trades training at Comoson College, Victoria, B.C. 1971, Journeyman Carpenter.

I have consistently attended seminars and completed courses to upgrade my skills and knowledge of current construction techniques and regulations.

  • Blue Print Reading
  • Construction Project Management
  • Architectural Detailing
  • Job Costing and Recording
  • Construction Law
  • Estimating
  • Corporate Tax
  • Interior Design

Proman Construction Ltd.