Concrete Float Home - 50 x 128 ft.

Two Story Float Home

Designed with a pointed bow and stern to deflect water during high currents and towing. Hoppers designed to discharge from the side (normally these would be at the bow end and discharge from the end). The auto feeding equipment blowers and diesel generators have been located at the stern area away from the accommodations area. Electrical conduits and air lines will be run under the floor slab to accommodate electrical and compressed air supplies. The concrete recessed area containing aluminum feed hoppers has been designed with proper stairways to feed hoppers. This allows better access and removes the closed containment requirements, and will allow better access for removal by stretcher of an injured worker. We also install air movement fans in the concrete hopper area. This will provide less condensation in this area.

The concrete float has been engineered with a 6 inch concrete deck and a 3" concrete bottom allowing it greater structural integrity and the ability to be easily disinfected. The concrete float has a depth of 10' and allows a free board fully loaded of 2'6". Feed would need to be evenly distributed. We install rubber tires bolted to the wood whalers around the complete unit. This rubber tire rub rail allows for more coverage – as the loads change, the rub rail location changes. The tires allow for a 3' coverage up and down. This also stops vessel gunnels from going under the wood whaler and becoming damaged.

Thru hull anchor points and 16 tow points at cross wall and longitudinal wall. The tow points can also be used as anchor points. Tie up cleats and forklift protection rails installed using 3 by 3 hss ¼” wall galvanized and installed into structure steel. Aluminum Ramp connecting concrete float main system 16' long 5' wide. Entry doors to auto feeder blowers and generator rooms will be 42" fibreglass insulated doors. Pen entry from concrete float will be 6' fibreglass double doors. Sliding doors to feed loading area will be aluminum framed with Melchers green siding installed on the exterior side.

Four recessed areas complete with aluminum feed hoppers. Note that feed hopper concrete recesses will have stair entries to each pair. This will allow areas to no longer be confined spaces. Steel gratings will be installed to allow forklift loading and removal of heavy items. This will also allow for added ventilation to these areas. Electric fans to allow air movement, electric lighting and a duplex electrical outlet will be added.

Fuel storage as per plan, 2000 gal. double walled steel tank mounted as per drawing complete with collision protection. The fuel tank will be Canadian Standards approved.

Second floor accommodations include paint and drywall, complete with standard doors, windows and welded seam flooring. Bedrooms with clothes hanging as required. We can include built in bunk beds, if required.

Rain water collections system has a 2500 gallon fresh water storage tank located as per plan. Fresh water storage tank will be elevated to allow pumps and pressure tanks to be installed under the tank. Toilets to be plumbed into salt water source complete with pressure tank. Concrete sewer tank, 600 gallon capacity, complete with side wall discharge (no divers needed to install discharge pipe).

Heat will be supplied by electric baseboard in each bedroom and propane heat in remaining areas. The lower floor will have wall fan electric heat in each area. We supply and install all propane fixtures (30" propane stove, 40 gallon propane hot water tank, two 35000 btu Williams propane wall furnaces, and one stacking washer and propane dryer). This will allow the propane or gas trade to complete their work and ensure all systems are operational.

Electrical system complete with inverter and battery bank in welded plastic container will be supplied. Electrical will be connected to generator supplied by customer and installed by Proman Construction Ltd. (You supply the generator of your choice, Proman installs and connects).

This project requires a timeframe of 16 weeks to complete.