Concrete Float Home - 50 x 112 ft.

Two Story Float Home

The feed hoppers have been designed to discharge from the front of this unit as per drawings. The auto feeding blowers and diesel generators have been located at the rear of the building away from the accommodations area. Electrical conduits and air lines will be located under the concrete floor slab to accommodate electrical and air supplies. The concrete recessed areas containing the aluminum feed hoppers have been designed to allow proper stairways to feed hoppers. This will allow better access and remove the closed containment requirements. We will also install air movement fans in the concrete hopper area to allow air movement. This will reduce condensation problems in this area.

The concrete float has been engineered with a 3" concrete bottom allowing this unit greater structural integrity and provides a lower point of gravity. This unit, if required, is easily disinfected. The concrete float depth is 10' and will allow for a free board fully loaded of 2'6". Feed would need to be evenly distributed. We install rubber tires around the complete unit bolted to the wood whalers.

The project includes the following:

  • Concrete float width 50' by length 112' depth 10'.
  • Concrete float to have 6 x 6 treated lumber whalers complete with rubber tires bolted to concrete float.
  • Thru hull anchor points as required and 16 tow points at longitudinal and cross wall locations.
  • Tie up cleats and forklift guards installed using 3" by 3" galvanized steel hss ¼" wall installed into structural steel (re-bar).
  • Aluminum ramp connecting concrete float to gage system 16' by 5'.
  • Aluminum feed hoppers installed into concrete recesses. Complete with galvanized steel gratings. Ready for dozers connection.
  • Entry doors to generator room and blower area will be 42". Doors from concrete float to pen system will be 3' double doors.
  • Sliding doors at feed loading area will be aluminum framed, covered with metal siding and installed on the exterior side.
  • Four hopper recessed areas as per plan complete with hoppers installed. Hoppers access to lower areas by stairs. This will remove the confined space requirements for these areas.
  • Diesel fuel storage 2000 gal. Surface mounted double walled steel tank complete with collision protection. Tank will be approved by Canadian Standards.


Float Home

Float Home