Concrete Floating Docks, Platforms & Float Homes

The concrete marina dock is used by marinas all over the world as a component in salt water or fresh water. It requires little if any maintenance and will float and last up to 100 years. In comparison, the wood and exposed styrofoam floats have a much shorter life expectancy and are very prone to costly maintenance. In years past the wood and exposed styrofoam floats were very cost effective so only high end marinas could afford concrete docks and floats. However, the concrete floats are now close in price to the wood floats.


Concrete Docks

The concrete float is a very heavy unit and provides a very stable platform on the water, were as some of the competing floats, although very good, are light and not at all stable in the water. A person disembarking from a 20' or 50' yacht want to step off onto a stable surface and not be thrown around like a drunken sailor. The stability of the concrete float provides that stability and provides a completely safe environment, making the user of the facility very comfortable. It is very easy to run electrical and plumbing piping in the concrete through conduits. This allows for a very clean and neat project and provides all the electrical and plumbing that may be required to satisfy the most demanding clients who may wish to use the marina services.

Concrete Docks

Concrete Floating Platforms & Float Homes

Why would anyone want to live on the water? I guess that is a life style decision, a unique life style, yes, but with total unobstructed views, where peace and tranquility abound. Bruce has designed and constructed some very beautiful residences in the Sullivan Bay area as well as Victoria, Vancouver, Alaska and Washington.

In the Victoria area, several of the single family residences in the West Bay Marina were constructed by Bruce and his team.

Commercial fishing lodges such as Nootka Landing were designed and constructed for service in the Nootka Sound area and remain in service today. For example, the concrete floats and guest building at Stuart Island.

The romance of living on the water - not just near it or just with a view, but right in the water is most appealing to the adventurous spirit of many B.C. Canadians. Those with boats love to tie up at home and can leave and return in peace and contentment. Bruce has designed floats to accommodate airplanes and boats of every description.