Fabric Covered Buildings

Fabric-covered Float

A 50' by 110' concrete float complete with a 50' by 90' by 24' high fabric covered building.

Proman Construction Ltd’s President Bruce Colegrave has designed and constructed many different styles of concrete floats and buildings including soft covered buildings. The most recent have been for Maple Bay Marina in service as yacht enclosures. Several pictures of that project have been attached for your review.

Proman Construction Ltd is a distributor of Pavillion Fabric structures.

The steel galvanized trusses used by Pavillion can be manufactured under licence by a Vancouver manufacturer so as to keep shipping costs to a minimum. Our project at Maple Bay used galvanized trusses manufactured by a Vancouver fabricator and we had the product galvanized in Vancouver at Silver City Galvanizing.

Center structural supports can be added to allow trolley style lifting of 1 ton feed bags and  loading individual 1 ton feed containers into boats or barges. A recessed area can be constructed in the concrete float to allow boats inside the building for loading. The recessed area allowing inside loading would depend on boat size but a 50' float width would allow for a recessed area of up to 30' plus in width. A roll up fabric door, very similar to roll up garage doors, could be used to close of this area when not in use. All Maple Bay yacht enclosures have this style of door and each yacht has a remote door opener to allow it to enter when the vessel is returning to the yacht enclosure.

The buildings constructed at Maple Bay were yacht enclosures in sizes of 60' to 100' in length and 36' to 45' in width. The longer buildings were lifted in sections by crane onto concrete floats and the fabric installed when the building trusses were completed. The smaller buildings were completed on land and craned onto the concrete floats in one piece.  Wider and larger units can be manufactured (concrete floats of 50' width and up to 160' in length) to accommodate product storage. The buildings used as yacht enclosures have metal sides. This is to provide building security, however this feature could be deleted as required.

Proman Construction Ltd. would be pleased to design and build as required.