Float Correction & Installation

Proman Construction works closely with Allpen Diving & Floatation, a family run commercial dive company based in Campbell River on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

Allpen specializes in serving the fish farm/aquaculture industry, offering commercial diving, video inspection, and search and recovery services.

Preparing to Dive - Allpen DivingFloatation - Allpen Diving corrects floatation on docks and floating structures. Their customers include marinas, fish farms, resorts and float home owners. Correcting floatation  is now an inexpensive solution to what could become a major problem later. Allpen Diving's equipment is portable, so their divers can travel to sites on the west coast of BC, the US and beyond.

You should consider floatation correction if:

  • Your float home is losing freeboard or sinking
  • There is uneven weight distribution
  • Your old docks are water-logged
  • Your docks are uneven and meet at different heights

Allpen Diving is your "eyes beneath the surface."
The Allpen Diving's dive crews service and maintain all aspects of fish farming. Since 1996 Allpen Diving has worked for most of the salmon farming companies around Vancouver Island. They have extensive experience with all of the varied techniques of salmon fish farming and offer a variety of diving services to the aquaculture industry.

The qualified, experienced scuba divers provide fish farms with everything from net pen inspections, maintenance and installation, to mort removal and more:

  • Net inspections, repairs and maintenance
  • Rigging all styles of nets and pens
  • Assisting barge crews with net installations
  • Plankton mitigation
  • Specializing in heavy mortality removal
  • Hull inspections
  • Video inspection
  • Special projects typical to fish farming

Allpen's professional divers are commercially trained and fully certified to WCB standards.

For more information about Allpen Diving, use the contact form at the top of the page and receive more information about the floatation and commercial diving services Allpen Diving provides.