Float Home Renovations

Second Storey Accommodation Renovation

Proman Construction Ltd. has added second floor accommodations to both concrete floats and steel barge single storey feed sheds. This allows for a more versatile building and makes better use of floating foot print.

These projects may include sand blasting and painting of the steel barge prior to adding second floor accommodations. We also can install a stairway allowing use of the forward barge compartment, for sewer tank installation and to have this compartment used without it being a closed confined space. Once this work is done, the area becomes just another room.

Float Home Renovations

Freshwater Marina – Renovation of Second Storey Accommodations

In the building shown above, the second floor 1600 sq. foot (149 sq. meters) accommodation was added which included two bathrooms, five bedrooms, kitchen, pantry, living and dining room, laundry room with washer and dryer, main floor auto feeding control room, mud room, freshwater storage of 3000 gallons with a rain water collection system, 600 gallon sewer tank, and a sundeck complete with a fire escape.

The warehouse area in most steel barges can be difficult to operate a forklift on, but a 4-inch concrete surface poured over the steel deck makes the floor a more efficient and cleaner surface.  The concrete floor will make the surface more beneficial as it will be level and distribute weights better, allowing less deflection in the steel deck, not to mention the concrete allows better traction for fork lift tires. This will also increase the years of use for this unit. Asphalt should be avoided for this surface, as any fuel oil or fish oil would destroy the asphalt surface.
This project would take approximately 12 weeks to complete. Each and every project is different, and each customer has a different approach.

We also offer shipyard services such as sand blasting and painting for those customers that require it.

The standard steel barge (40' wide by 65' long, depth 11') would be sand blasted and painted with two coats of epoxy paint. This would include lifting and blocking up the barge, sand blasting and painting, launching and re-lifting to cover the areas that were covered by blocks (the second lift is a service most commonly missed by local ship yards).

Zinc anodes that are removable by divers are important, as the changing of zinc anodes should be done yearly and zincs showing corrosion by 50% must be replaced. Allpen Diving has done most of our zinc replacements in the last years, and they are very competent. Once the barge has been painted, the stainless steel bolts are welded to the hull in proper position.