Steel Barge Workshops & Marine Accommodation

For many years we have discarded steel Barges as they needed so much maintenance to be of service to the fish farm's requirements. With newly developed epoxy paints and coating, the steel barge may now be an alternative to concrete floats and may have a place in more difficult sites.   Attention must be paid to barge zincs and the timely replacement of worn zincs. The worn zincs can be removed and replaced under water using divers if the barge has been equipped with removable zinc anodes. A properly sand blasted, three coat epoxy painted, and properly zinced barge can be in service for 12 to 15 years with very little maintenance. After 15 years it must be lifted, sand blasted, epoxy painted and zinced to continue service.

Steel Barge

Work includes sand blasting, painting three coats epoxy paint, and zincing a barge 48' wide,182' long, depth 12', including lifting twice to paint bottom areas covered by lifting blocks.

The new lifting platforms are 64' wide and 182' long and have the capacity to lift 2500 tons. A steel barge 180' long 48' wide would weight approximately 350 tons empty. With an accommodations building and feed shed, complete with fuel tanks, generators, feeding system and tools etc., the  barge would weigh less than 700 tons, an easy lift for these new platforms.

We are prepared to move one of these platforms to a location close to the barge for lifting, sand blasting and painting. Should you require this service it would be prudent to have several barges ready to service, as towing to site all the equipment required would be costly for only one unit. However, having the work done close to the site and minimizing the length of time the unit was out of service may prove to be worthwhile.

Project costs includes the purchase of the steel barge, sand blasting, painting, zincs, and feed hoppers cut into main deck, complete with stairs to lower deck area allowing access to bottom of feed hoppers. Costs also include pouring a concrete deck area inside the feed shed storage building and construction of building complete with second floor accommodations as per sketch. Wood framed building, 2x6 exterior studs with metal siding, engineered roof and floor trusses complete with metal roofing, interiors finished in painted drywall with standard cabinets and  welded seam commercial flooring. Built in bunk beds can be added as required.

Boat House