Utility Rafts / Mort Floats

Utility Concrete Float Rafts

Mort floats complete with concrete bottoms. Float depth 6'.

Galvanized steel tie ups 3" by 3" hss ΒΌ wall 8 or 12 depending on size of float.

Mort floats can be built in groups of 2 to 6 at one time.

24' by 24' (7.32 m x 7.32 m)    
24' by 30' (7.32 m x 9.14 m)  
24' by 36' (7.32 m x 10.97 m)  
30' by 40' (9.14 m x 12.19 m)  

Mort floats, or utility rafts, are available in all sizes and depths based on the clients' requirements. We can install forklift guards, work hoists or small cranes. Workshops can be constructed to service mechanical or welding trades. These units can also be used for fuel storage as long as fuel is in an approved double wall storage tank. We would be pleased to provide design and construction for your needs.